The Enigmatic Truth


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NASA – Earth and Moon as seen from the departing Voyager interplanetary spacecraft

The Enigmatic Truth

Last Words From Anton Long

As mentioned in my companion text Lapis Philosophicus regarding the apparent division of the journey to wisdom into a Right Hand Path and Left Hand Path:

” The ‘outer secret’ of the inner, the real, the living, alchemy is that the end and the result of both our apparently separate journeys is the same; the same place, the same understanding, the same knowledge. For wisdom is undivided, the same for all of us, whatever we believed or assumed when we began. Or expressed another way, lapis philosophicus is what it is, and always has been, and does what it does, and always has done, in terms of how it affects and changes those few who have succeeded in their decades-long endeavour and thus discovered it, and discovered it where it has always been hidden.”

This understanding, this knowledge – the wisdom acquired, the finding of lapis philosophicus [1]  during the penultimate stage of the Way – means two particular things, and always has done. (i) living in propria persona  [2], in a private manner and sans all posing, all rhetoric, all pomposity, all ideations; and (ii) having an appreciation, an awareness (sans words, ritual, thought) of what is now sometimes known as the acausal – of Nature, the Cosmos, of the connexions that bind life and thus of the illusion that is the individual will, and which illusion sillily causes a person to believe ‘they’ are or can be ‘in control’. These two things form the basis of a particular and reclusive way of life of a particular type of person: the type known, in one locality, as the rounerer of The Rouning.

In effect, the enigmatic truth is that those who have found lapis philosophicus – whatever path they took on their journey, whatever their prior views, beliefs, assumptions, ideas, praxis – live in a similar manner and have acquired the same weltanschauung. An enigmatic weltanschauung that needs no descriptive name and cannot, in its simple fundamentality, be communicated, let alone taught, to those who either have no natural intimation/intuition of it (for or from whatever reason) or who lack an inner changing (wrought via pathei mathos) of a sufficiency necessary to propel them beyond the illusion of conflicting opposites and thus beyond the deceptions of their known and their unknown (their hidden, inner) egoist.

There is thus no magick; no one true Way; no one true praxis; no one true system; no one ‘genuine’ Order/organization/group. There is no secret knowledge – no secrets, no mysteries – to be revealed, to others. No chain of authority. As there can be no disciples since there is no mastery. No individual or individuals to be lauded. No longer any need to pontificate about, or even inform others about, the journey, about what has been seen, experienced, found, along the way.

There is only lapis philosophicus and its individual discovery. There are only those, on their own individual journeyings, journeying in their own way in their own species of Time, and who may or may not arrive at their planned destination. For we are life, the Cosmos; we are Time beyond its perceived illusive dichotomy and are and have been and will be Being, presenced and unpresenced, particular and general, past-present-future, and beyond the illusion, the deception, of ‘a being’ and of ‘beings’.

Therefore, silence and reclusiveness become the few whose esoteric peregrinations have after decades – and by and because of lapis philosophicus – been ended.

Anton Long
December 2011 CE

[1] Lapis Philosophicus – the jewel of the alchemist; the goal that the alchemist, through the symbiosis that is alchemy, seeks. al-χημία [ from χῡμεία ] – ‘the changing’.

[2]  “He wolde be in his owne persone, the example of our hole iourney.” William Bonde [lector philosophiae] – The Pylgrimage of Perfection (1526 ce), i. sig. Dvi.

Image credit: NASA – Earth and Moon as seen from the departing Voyager interplanetary spacecraft